Electrolysis For You

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​​Q - How does electrolysis work?

A tiny probe is inserted into each hair follicle.  The Electrologist then releases a small amount of heat thru different settings of their machine.  The heat releases the hair and root from the follicle.

Q - How small is the probe?

The probe range in diameter from .005” to .002”.  The Electrologist matches the probe size to the same diameter of the hair.

Q - How long should my hair be when I come in for appointment/consultation?

Please leave a short stubble.  The hair should be long enough for the Electrologist to grip with a tweezer.

Q - How often do I have to come in for treatments?

Since there must be a stubble for the Electrologist to work with, you will come in with the frequency that you choose.  Typically clients will come in at the same frequency that they wax, shave or tweeze.  Most people begin with weekly appointments.  Remember if there is no hair, then the Electrologist cannot work on you. 

Q - What will my treated area look like afterwards?

It is normal for your skin to look pink and slightly bumpy. Dependent on your skin a small amount of cortisone, aloe vera or witch hazel will be applied to cool the area. 

Q - How soon till I can apply makeup?

Please wait 24 to 48 hours before applying makeup on the treated area.

Q - How do I know that my Electrologist is using sterilized equipment?

Your Electrologist should only be using prepackaged sterilized needles that they open in front of you.  The tweezer they use, to remove the hair, should also be sterilized.  Ask your Electrologist to show you their sterilize equipment.  They should be using a dry heat sterilizer or an auto-clave.  Basically anything that touches your skin should be sterilized and/or disposable. 

Q - What other hygiene practices should my Electrologist be demonstrating?

Watch to see if your Electrologist washes her/his hands before placing on clean disposable gloves.

Q - What is the difference between electrolysis and laser? 

Laser works by finding the pigmentation of hair color beneath the skin.  There is an apparatus that is placed on the area you want worked on by the Laser Technician.  With Electrolysis, the Electrologist will insert a needle into the hair follicle; one by one.  

Q - Is one better than other?

Depends on what you want done.  For large areas, such as arms, legs, underarms, bikinis I recommend laser.  When completed with your sessions, I recommend following up with Electrolysis to remove the hairs that laser did not get rid off.  The FDA approves of laser as Hair REDUCTION.  While they clearly state that Electrolysis is PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. For small areas, I would strongly recommend Electrolysis. In the case of eyebrows, Electrolysis is the only way to go as laser requires that the patient wear safety glasses for protection.

Q - Will it work on blond hair?

Yes, because with Electrolysis we go into each individual hair follicle. The color of the hair is not a problem.

Q - How long does it take?

The length of time needed is dependent on how much hair you want remove, the type of hair you have, the frequency of your visits.  At a minimum you should be prepared to commit for one to two years.  While it sounds long, remember that you have been shaving, tweezing, and waxing for probably much longer than that.  You may start off with weekly or biweekly appointment.  After a few months the frequency of your appointments should become less frequent. 

Q - What type of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.  Payment is made at the end of each appointment.

Q  - How much is a session of Electrolysis?

A 15 minute session is $30. 

Q - What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24 hour cancellation notice.